Make-up & Portfolio

I’m influenced and inspired by different styles but often about what appears in my imagination: cosplay, anime, avant-garde, manga, glam, theatrical, cabaret, burlesque, fantasy, freak, gothic, victorian, rococo, steampunk, clowns, fairies, circus,  past and future times, exotic, visual kei, porcelain dolls, vampires, roaring 20’s and +

References about my make up works: (all the pictures you can find @ my website)

Different collaborations & model portfolios: Click on the image to see their names. Also the name of the photographer when it is not Jeroen Aalders, with who I often work together, or when I take the pictures myself. I often work with the same models for my own makeup portfolio, as I like to change the looks creating different figures and styles, but I’m constantly looking for new models who will love to be part of my concepts!. I will also be glad if I can help you out with your portfolio for a reasonable price. Send me a message if you are in need or ready for a new experience.

Some of my own make-up and costumes creations: