Welcome to my dreams

Dream Back

I create a dreamworld where you can escape the ordinary, where you can be yourself as whoever/whatever you dream to be Atreyasdream

Who I’m

Atreya is an all-round artist, singer-songwriter, solo- and lead vocalist, performer, composer and producer from Barcelona based in Amsterdam.

Atreya is very versatile, varying from famous- and striking ex show-girl sets as dancer in the trendiest discotheques of Ibiza, Barcelona & Valencia, to the sensitive singer-songwriter who performs live at venues, and the kick-ass artist that rocks the stage, crowd and beyond.

Her life is dedicated to-, and dominated by, music and art; the sole reason why Atreya thrives in developing her talents. Fuelled by her passion for music, for life and for writing songs and catchy lyrics, she gives herself constantly and completely in order to reach her audience.

She’s been as a solo artist, with her bands & as a show girl performer in many bars, venues and festivals.

To name some: (Barcelona) La Terrrazaa, Satanasa, Estacion de Francia, Poble Espanyol (Valencia) Discoteca La Florida, (Ibiza): Pacha, Amnesia, Club El Divino, Space (Berlin) Panorama Club (Germany) Huntenpop Festivals 2x (The Netherlands) Westergasfabriek, WesterUnie, Panama, The Balie, Felix Meritis, Koepelkerk, De Badcuyp, Desmet Studios, Keukenhof, Sinners, IT, Marcanti, Roxy, TMF Awards, Welcome 2 the pleasure zone from Anita Doth-2 Unlimited, Baja Beachclub.

Festivals: Open Haven, Despotes, Ijsselpop, Food and Faces, Full color, Globalisering, Anywave, Hemelpop, Peenpop, Bevrijdingsfestivals all around the Netherlands, Amnesty Filmfestival, The World at your beach and +

Atreya likes to work with a wide variety of different musicians and is open to a broad spectrum of styles: acoustic, experimental, classical, electro and dark electro, synth pop, dark wave, art pop, chamber pop, industrial, techno, art rock, ambient, metal.

Atreya is also a makeup artist, costume designer, set dresser and works with different professionals. She does not believe in over-branded fashion but in using the correct materials and creativity thus designing her works of art.

Furthermore, Atreya loves to co-create concepts of well-thought-through photography, video and styling. She’s influenced and inspired by different styles: cosplay, anime, avant-garde, manga, glam, theatrical, cabaret, burlesque, fantasy, freak, gothic, victorian, rococo, steampunk, clowns, fairies, circus, past and future times, exotic, visual kei, porcelain dolls, vampires, roaring 20′s, mythology and mermaids.

Besides having learned the opera and many musical talents, she studied media & entertainment and human resources management. Last but not least she really enjoys teaching the Spanish language, to companies and individuals and works as a freelance translator-interpreter (Spanish to Dutch, English and vice versa) and as a tourist guide & (night) hostess.

She’s also part of the creative minds and figure walking around, sometimes performing in her own costumes creations and make-up transformations of the TENCLUB/LLoyd-Acardi events (2 accentuate their New Years Eve events in Amsterdam) created longer than 10 years ago. Many activities revolve around events, gatherings, parties and thematic thinking. No one knows who they are as they transform into anything that is relevant.


Your goal in life? My goal is to reach as many people as possible with my songs, my projects, being just me, interchanging feelings between the audience and myself.

Is the music industry a disillusion? No, not the music, but sometimes the music business around it all.

What would you never do again? Trusting people who aren’t worth it, eating eel in green sauce (a typical Belgian dish) it tastes horrible.

Have you ever used drugs? Yes. I did experiment with some drugs. I believe you always have to define for yourself if something is or isn’t beneficial for you and that is only possible by personal experience. But I don’t need drugs to feel me high, I’m always natural high.

If you were to ask God one question, what would you ask?  Do you still trust the human being?

Children? I say: NO, if I were to want one I would choose for adoption. There are already enough children who are not in the position of receiving love.

I would rather die, than? Never being able to sing again, to help those in need, to feel free or to talk to interesting people.

You don’t like? I don’t like losers, fakers, unemployment, hypocrisy, injustice, people they do not practice what they preach, boring things, egocentric and extremely vain people, being abused and being ignored.

You like? Perseverance, freedom fighters, manga & anime, true love, sensuality, cleverness, beauty, animals (cats, the galago and the lemur are cute), the sea & the sun, doing what you like, reading, cooking, movies, good food, chocolate, music, meditation, creativity, innovation.

Do you have some final words? I have a final destination, to dieeeee…hummm just see, stop finding excuses for not doing what you really want to do and instead of merely understanding or talking about your way of life, practice what you feel and apply that knowledge on an every day basis.