28-03-2021: This is a preview for my next upcoming video LOST LOVE, part of my DIGITAL EP: MAGICAL INSTRUMENTAL I

Music written, played and produced by Atreyasdream 
Video editing, concept and effects by Atreyasdream
Makeup and styling by Atreyasdream 
Video recording Atreya by Jeroen Aalders


26-03-2021: Months ago, we flew to Barcelona to say goodbye to my hospitalised parents, magically, they both recovered and are stable now. In the meantime, we were stranded, in these crazy covid times, but we found our way back to Amsterdam, after 2 months and 2 weeks. We made it!


































21-12-2020: You can see some of the pictures of my new photoshoot, Let Them Dream Cake, if you move to the menu Pictures III. Thanks for your support, very appreciated! Below a BTS moment.

Have a wonderful week and festive days ahead, whatever you are going 2 do or you are allowed 2, keep smiling and don’t forget to dream, in times where isolation are part of our lives we need to use our imagination more 💗🌸💗🌸🙏

12-12-2020: This is the full version of the official video: WHERE WE ALL GO?

This is about the future and the questions about the afterlife and the doubts we have about it. Where we all go after this life? Is there somewhere to go? What can be expected, who we will see? Are we going to be relieved and in harmony or not? Is there a new start or just a follow up. How will you like it to be? What do you think?
It is all like a dream, life and death fading away?

Music & composition, video editing and effects by Atreyasdream
This is one of my cinematic/classical tracks appearing in my upcoming digital EP: MAGICAL INSTRUMENTAL I

Special thanks 2:

Jeroen Aalders for recording me
Valentin Winter for letting me use his picture and portrait taken by
Luisa Melina Fotografie


14-11-2020: This is a preview for my next upcoming video, WHERE WE ALL GO?

This is about the future and the questions about the afterlife and the doubts we have about it. Where we all go after this life? Is there somewhere to go? What can be expected, who we will see? Are we going to be relieved and in harmony or not? Is there a new start or just a follow up. How will you like it to be? What do you think?
It is all like a dream, life and death fading away?

Music & composition, video editing and effects by Atreyasdream
This is one of my cinematic/classical tracks appearing in my upcoming digital EP: MAGICAL INSTRUMENTAL I

Special thanks 2:

Jeroen Aalders for recording me
Valentin Winter for letting me use his picture and portrait taken by
Luisa Melina Fotografie


29-10-2020: You can see the full version of the electronic instrumental track with some mysterious keyboards I made with Logic Pro X2 and my Karma Korg, it will be appearing in one of my 2 upcoming digital EP’s (Magical Instrumental I) a mix of Instrumental tracks with a cinematic, classical, dark ambient and mysterious electronic and electronic sounds.
Original picture from Atreyasdream
Picture taken by Jeroen Aalders
Music, video edition, production and model Atreyasdream


05-09-2020: You can hear this short electronic instrumental track with some mysterious keyboards I made with Logic Pro X2 and my Karma Korg, it will be appearing in one of my 2 upcoming digital EP’s (Magical Instrumental I) a mix of Instrumental tracks with a cinematic, classical, dark ambient and mysterious electronic and electronic sounds.

FREAKY COLD LIKE YOU is inspired about believing in magic and the line between magic and reality, also about how to get rid of some people who bring a negative energy to you, making you feel cold and lost. In the process you feel imprisoned like in a cage or like opening a pandora’s box, full of mysteries and strange things but still you can’t let them go and deep inside you want them to happen.

Original picture from Atreyasdream
Picture taken by Jeroen Aalders
Music, video edition, production and model Atreyasdream


14-07-2020: This is the official video for the song GO WITH THE FLOW and one of the tracks of my new EP: WE ARE ALL CLOWNS! For lyrics and about see my preview video post.
Thanks for your support, don’t be shy and leave a comment. Much appreciated!

Video recording Atreya by Jeroen Aalders
Music, production, model, video effects and editing by Atreyasdream
Onewheel videos from Erno Hankia
Model Erno Hankia
Special thanks Erno for your participation :-)
Follow him on:


08-06-2020:  Yesterday I was busy with 2 Photoshoots, both concepts are very different. You can see some of the first pics from both concepts if you move to the pictures II menu. Thank you for your support, much appreciated.

A BTS moment:


04-06-2020: This is a preview from my next video and song GO WITH THE FLOW and one of the tracks of my new WE ARE ALL CLOWNS! EP

Thanks for your support, don’t be shy and leave a comment in YouTube. Much appreciated!

ABOUT THE SONG AND THE TITLE: GO WITH THE FLOW is about fighting for your dreams and being connected with them. Also the feeling that you can share those dreams with others who are also dreamers and feel their dreams while you are dreaming, there is a connection. Also it is about the struggles and how sometimes we can feel empty but still we must keep trying, understanding where we are now and where we want us to be in the future. Going with the flow is something interesting to do sometimes instead of trying to control everything we do, life can change every moment so you better live it before it’s too late.

Video recording by Jeroen Aalders
Make-up, model, music composition, production and video editing by Atreyasdream


02-05-2020: Below you can see the new commercial for the ALL4FREEDOM project.
This is a 60 second commercial
Visuals and effects by Vj Sjush
Music and production by Atreyasdream
Voices: Jeroen Aalders & Atreyasdream

Thanks so much for your support, please give it a like and comment + follow our YouTube Channel.

18-04-2020: Due to the coronavirus all the collaborations with IAM4FREEDOM and some festivals (Koningsdag 27 of april, Liberation day 5 may, Pride festival from 31 July till 8 August) are cancelled.

Also other festivals where I was suppose to go this year like WGT (May 29 – Jun 1, 2020) in Germany are also cancelled. They say everything until august, but I’m afraid that this will last the all year and more.

Have patience, keep safe and be strong!

09-04-2020: Due to the coronavirus while staying at home I was able to create different photoshoots as I had a flow of ideas in my head.

You can see my new recent photoshoots moving into the pictures II menu. I’m still selecting the best pictures so be patient.
I hope you are all safe and that this situation changes us for the best. Keep positive! Xoxo and stay safe!

Some BTS moments:

04-04-2020: Due to the coronavirus and all the changes happening, I was really busy working from home and finding a way to keep doing my stuff. In addition, all the negativity around the mainstream news and social media with their profiles policies made it difficult to keep posting some content. It seems like censorship and censure reprimand are coming ;-(
I was also busy finishing my video for the track: WE ARE ALL CLOWNS! and you can see the full version already in my YouTube channel. Show some love and support with a like and if you are more active, with a comment ;-)
Have strength and keep positive, while dealing with the virus and the short/long impact and repercussions.

Here the message you can see when you open your YouTube channel during the corona, think about it… :
IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19, we will conduct fewer human reviews, in order to protect the health of our extended workforce. Unfortunately, as a result, we may remove content that does not violate our Community Guidelines.

Here the link to the full version:

27-02-2020: I was busy with a new series named BEHIND OUR MASKS, which is more experimental and conceptual. Could be creepy, but so be it. 
The masks they’re the masks I used at the end of my performances when I was touring with my band. We used those masks in our last song from the repertoire.
The concept of this is about how afraid we are to be ourselves, always showing who we are not. Influenced by everything we see on social media or we see in others, in short, it is about the lack of personality, respect and not being true to yourself!

You can see the slide moving to the pictures II menu.

You can see one of the pics.


09-02-2020: A short video preview about what is coming next, this track with the same name of my new Digital EP: WE ARE ALL CLOWNS! Soon in all the online stores ;-)

ABOUT THE SONG AND THE TITLE: I created the original idea about 6 years ago when social media started to become a way of living among us. We are all clowns! is about how social media can cause stress and other negative emotions in people, it can drain you and be very consuming. Some people are just living more with their mobile phones than in real life. It makes us very irresponsible, it gets even so far that some people are driving while checking their mobile phone continuously causing an accident and being a danger to themselves or others.

There’s also a confusing interpretation about seeing people as they show up on social media instead of seeing the real person, judgment and miss conceptions are very present and messy, also the impact this creates among the youth, as they try to copy everything they see using that as their best examples. There is a lack of opinion, empathy and emptiness as everything is a reflection of what’s shown in the media and what’s allowed to appear in the media.

The meaning of  WE ARE ALL CLOWNS! is that we are all playing the fool, we are all  the puppets of politicians and their leaders, worldwide enterprises, institutions, appearance, consumerism and money. Intelligence looks like an insult and stupidity rules the world, it is all about having followers, comments, likes and a list of brands you can show. It is like if you don’t have a social media network profile you don’t even EXIST.

I should say forget that and just live, don’t be part of a system playing with us and our freedom in the name of democracy.

This was my interpretation when I wrote it, but obviously my songs have a free interpretation, whatever it makes you feel you are connected with it.

Video recording by Jeroen Aalders
Make-up, styling, model Atreyasdream
Music, video editing Atreyasdream

You can find the lyrics moving 2 the lyrics menu ;-)

22-01-2020: The past 2 weeks I was busy creating new photoshoots and makeup concepts. You can see some of the pics already if you move 2 the pictures menu II.

You can see some BTS moments here. Thanks for your support! xx


HAPPY 2020!

03-01-2020:  The NYE theme party Circus Carnivale was great as every year. This time the vibes were very relax and it was great to talk to some lovelies. You can see the album I shared on my Facebook Page. I hope you like it and Happy New Year xoxo


15-12-2019: You can watch the full version and the video for my Instrumental track PARANOICO. For a description you can see the short version I did posted the past month as an update on YouTube and here below. I have decided to modify the video with a more dreamy effect, that’s why the lilac colour, like in a dream where you see yourself wading through thick fog.

I hope you enjoy it, your comments and opinion are always welcome and appreciated.

Video recording by Jeroen Aalders
Creative director, video editing, styling and model appearing Atreyasdream
Music and composition by Atreyasdream


22-11-2019: Don’t miss your ticket for the NYE, Circus Carnivale theme party, enjoy this exclusive event and start creating your circus inspired costume. We will be pleased to see you there!

Link to the event and ticket in Facebook:
Circus Carnivale

28-10-2019: You can see a video preview I made in the past week for one of my instrumental tracks I composed for my upcoming digital EP “Magical Instrumental I”.
The track name is paranoico in the Spanish language, it means paranoid and it is related to the feeling of suffering paranoia, an instinct or thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of delusion and irrationality. It doesn’t have any connection with my personal life or my mental health, it was the music atmosphere, as it is quite variable, from a very dreamy melancholic mood, switching into a more hysterical sound, and starting with a circus inspired introduction. So the name needed to be associated with something hysterical, paranoid or nervous to associate with the sound.

Let me know what do you think about it and please like and comment your thoughts on YouTube. Much appreciated.

Video recording by Jeroen Aalders
Video editing, music and effects by Atreyasdream

10-10-2019: The past 2 weeks I was busy with different photoshoots productions I had in mind. At first it was supposed to be 3 productions but as creativity flowed we did 6. My aim was to imagine different figures and bring them to life.
I’m already posting some galleries, you can see the slides going 2 my pictures II menu, click on the > to see all the pictures, sometimes you have the zoom option ;-)
I hope you like them as for me the photoshoot is more than just taking pictures, it is an experience as well.
Thanks for your support! thanks to my photographer and partner Jeroen Aalders for helping me out. One of the photoshoots we did was for Jeroen as I like to have him often as a model.

You can see some BTS moments.


24-09-2019: Check my Instrumental short piano / violin version from this new track “The Passionate Vampire” included in my “Magical Instrumental Digital EP” expected to be released in 2020.

Music by Atreyasdream
Video recording and picture by Jeroen Aalders
Video and picture edit, video effects by Atreyasdream


08-09-2019: Our collaboration with valtifest and PHOTO4FREDOM went fantastic. We had a good time taking pictures and creating our plastic not so fantastic costumes ;-)
Here you can see some BTS (behind the scenes) moments:

Picture by Ellen van Gent
Picture by Ellen van Gent

20-08-2019: This year we are invited again to take pics for our project PHOTO4FREEDOM in Valtifest, one of the craziest festivals from The Netherlands, in Amsterdam, always creating freedom of expression in an artistic way.

We are very excited and ready to make a pic with your plastic fantastic outfit.
See you there and come to say hi if you see us!
PLEASE use all your recycled plastic tools and create and outfit, think out of the box. Be FREAKY, CRAZY, ORIGINAL, UNIQUE, CREATIVE, Valtifest is all about CREATIVITY FIRST!
See their page for ideas and tickets:
Valtifest 2019
September 7 @ 12:00 – 23:00 uur

More will follow and the pictures will appear in our official ALL4FREEDOM our FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM page. Xoxo thanks for your support so far!



5-08-2019: Gaypride parade was fantastic, the weather perfect and the ambient amazing. I’m glad I could enjoy it with nice people.

27-07-2019: The pride walking in Amsterdam went great also if the weather was extremely warm. We walked the all march with our promotional IAM4FREEDOM slate and we enjoyed doing it with the fantastic beats from a group of woman playing djembe-drums.

You can see an slide for an idea. We were captured by some photographers as well and we appear in the newspaper Het Parool.

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18-07-2019: A recent video from a track in collaboration with a duo living in the Netherlands, 2MenTall (David Kox and Megalito Napoleao)

See their websites: David Kox:

Video recording and pictures by Jeroen Aalders and Atreyasdream
Production, video editing by Atreyasdream
Some video effects with a 3D software for VJ’s

05-07-2019: I have been busy with new Photoshoots and with a production for a model shoot for her Portfolio. More will follow.

You can see some making of moments. Thanks for your support and have a great weekend!



IMG_20190701_151644_190 (1)



13-06-2019: Back from WGT. It was great and the Photoshoots went good because the weather was fantastic.

You can see some of the pics if you go 2 the Pictures II Menu. Xoxo I hope you like them and thanks for your support.

This was the last day going back to the hotel, just sharing some fun!


29-05-2019: Check my new video and leave a comment in my YouTube Channel. Much appreciated!.
Another instrumental version from my track ISOLATION with a more powerful beat sound, it will be probably part of my upcoming Digital EP, Magical Instrumental I. I say probably because I didn’t figure that out yet, if I will include it or not ;-)
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Music, video editing and effects by Atreyasdream
Red Queen video recording by Jeroen Aalders at Elfia Haarzuilens
Art Director Atreyasdream


29-04-2019:  You can see my new video in my YouTube Channel.
This is a collaboration with a duo from Denmark “Share A Cherry”
The track name is Fetish Ball.

The lyrics are kind of sarcastic and a reflection about what are we actually living for? The day in and day out routine with the only focus on work and money,  dealing with the daily stress and your iphone. The robotic systematic attitude of our daily routine brought upon us and how this  provokes total apathy and makes you wonder: “And now… what?” Is this all? Are we playing by our own rules or obeying those of others? In other words, are we really so free as we think we are?

The important part of the song is the statement: ‘You should not care about what others think about yourself and just do whatever you think feels right 4U” I used my cosplay Cruella videos for this song because it creates a funny acting ME and she fits the role perfectly.

The idea of the ‘Fetish Ball’ is related to how you should just crash those fab parties, enjoy them invitations and the ball; as you never know what is the next best thing that could happen in your life. Furthermore, the song is about the opposite and how your life can change completely at any moment. So… you’d better be doing your thing!

Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! xoxo and thanks for your support!

Music from Share a Sherry

Vocals, melody and lyrics by Atreyasdream

Video editing by Atreyasdream

Video recording by Jeroen Aalders and Atreyasdream

Money and color smoke video from a free to use / copyright free online source

14-04-2019: Yesterday we went to Elfia, it was lovely, the weather was cold but I enjoyed talking with some people and photographers and with a warm jacket was ok, but it could have been warmer, lol ;-)

Here a preview of  my looks. I will post the pictures as soon as I have them. Xoxo



12-04-2019: Tomorrow is Efia in Haarzuilens, one of the beautiful locations I personally like from The Netherlands to celebrate this kind of festivals. The outdoor festivals are great but you are so dependent on the weather, tomorrow  the weather is going to be ok but cold. So I must take warm clothes and I will try to do my best. The pictures will follow in an album, you will find them if you go 2 the Pictures II menu.



27-3-2019: You can see my new video.

An instrumental version from my track ISOLATION with a more cinematic sound, it will be part of my upcoming Digital EP, Magical Instrumental I.
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Music and video editing by Atreyasdream
Picture of the butterfly by Atreyasdream


05-03-2019: Lovelies you can see some pictures of my new photoshoot, black & blue butterfly. Move 2 the pictures II menu to see some of them. I will be updating the slide so come back again! Thanks for your support!

Some making-of moments ;-)



27-02-2019: This is the full and new video of the track, named, “Isolation”, from my digital EP, “Ego Goes Ego”, released in 2013. The pictures and the videos used are from the Elfia 2018 Fantasy Fair with my outfit, which I sewed especially for the occasion.

My personal meaning of this song, “Isolation”, when I wrote it, was about how the world is changing into a non-free world, where freedom and the right to be yourself are being controlled by manipulative minds, leaving you in isolation and fears, because you can no longer truly be yourself. This can break you into pieces and it will separate your true self from yourself, from others and from the world. In addition, my lyrics are about the passivity of not taking action for important issues. This can cause war and in the end, tears, separation and destruction of a world that could have been beautiful – if only, all of us would have been more involved. Of course, I always like to give you the opportunity of a free interpretation, because everyone can think or feel different emotions or mood, when they listen and see my video.

I hope you like it, please leave a comment and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel ;-)

Pictures by Jeroen Aalders
All the instruments, vocals and lyrics by Atreyasdream
Video production and editing by Atreyasdream
Styling and make-up by Atreyasdream


19-02-2019: This past weekend I was busy with 2 Photoshoots, what can you expect?:
2 completely different looks and make-up work, of course still being me and having my own style.

For a preview of one of them you can move to my pictures II menu and see the first slide with the title: The Passionate Vampire

Here some making of moments ;-)


28-01-2019: After enjoying 2 weeks Andalucia and shortly in Barcelona I’m working in 2 new videos, one new photoshoot and finishing mixing one of my 2 new upcoming EP’s.

You can see the new video I produced for one of the tracks from my collaboration with 2MENTALL, a duo of producers living in the Netherlands (David Kox and Megalito Napoleao).  The sounds were more dark electronica.  I hope you like it.

07-01-2019: Happy New Year everyone! I wish we all keep shining this year and that values as freedom and the right to be yourself can prevail instead of disappear.

I had a great “Les secrets de Versailles” NYE costumes party, I will post the pictures as soon as I have them.

I also finished my new photoshoot ” Mystic Raven Queen” the first production from this year. You can see some pictures if you move 2 the pictures II menu. I hope you like it and remember without you I’m nothing!

Here you can see a preview picture:

Mystic Raven Queen
Mystic Raven Queen

23-12-2018: You can see my new video “An essay” in my Youtube channel and here, you can find it on the video menu.

This is an instrumental track part of my upcoming Digital EP, Magical Instrumental I.
i tried to create a mysterious atmosphere not only with the experimental sounds, sometimes quite persistent but also accompanied by the visuals I tried to represent the visual part of what it could be a written short story or and essay.
Music and video editing by Atreyasdream


24-11-2018: Are you ready for NYE? I’m. Don’t miss this private party at Nes 116, in Amsterdam.

Lloyd_Acardi on behalf of tenclub_theartofcuriosity presents New Year’s Eve 2018-2019: Les Secrets de VERSAILLES!
Louis the Great – Sun King of France, patron of the arts, absolute ruler of good taste – invites only the most intimate, selective, seductive, outstanding, exceptional, exorbitant followers of his Kingdom (and beyond), to his Nuit Bombastique in his secret chambers de Versailles. Dans un petit palais au coeur d’Amsterdam. All-inclusive tickets d’entrée cost 150 euros, including all drinks (open bar), royal hors d’oeuvres and pâtisserie, musique magistrale, animation absurde… In lustful opulence we welcome the new year!

Curious much? Can you live up to Louis’ standards? If you believe you’re worthy of an invitation for ‘Les Secrets de Versailles’: please answer 3 questions and submit your contact details at ➡️ “” ⬅️ His majesty rules as he pleases, but pleases while he rules. Bonne chance


18-11-2018:  You can see my new video on YouTube.  A song, part of my “Ego Goes Ego” Digital Ep, released in 2013. This track was an ambient track with an accent on the violin.
I love the violin also when I don’t play the violin myself ;-) but I was able to do it with my keyboard/synths with a violin effect to reach a realistic violin sound. 

I hope you like it xoxo


12-11-2018: I was part of a very nice production for the promotion of the coming NYE Theme Party as one of the models appearing. The all scene and atmosphere was great because the location is an official musea in classical style and it is very beautiful and charming to take pictures there. I will show you more when the event organisation publishes the first pictures officially this week. I’m really curious. I saw some of the pictures during the set and they looked quite good already without being retouched. More will follow ;-)

30-10-2018: Feast of the beast was fantastic. I enjoyed the costumes, people, the absinthe and the well organised party as always. I’m really glad to be part of this parties as a guest and artist for 12 years :-).

You can see the pictures on my pictures II menu. Here a preview.


27-10-2018: Feast of the Beast, Halloween at TENCLUB

I’m ready for this unique party, are you? Beautiful bandits, evil villains, wicked creatures of the night, we know you are out there. Wandering around hiding behind your good people masks. This is the time to reveal yourself, and step out of the shadow. Everyone has a dark side. We challenge you to dare to see it, not to fight it but to face your monster. Join us for the most mysterious halloween party in town;

Feast of the Beast, Nes 116-118, Amsterdam.  The most mysterious halloween party in town: Feast of the Beast Tenclub Official


30-09-2018: La Gran Finale Closing Blijburg A big adventure with many strange travellers will be attending this last event from this fantastic events place and beach for many years. Don’t miss it, be there! We are invited as IAM4FREEDOM with a MEDITATE4FREEDOM and we will enjoy later this peculiar event where a lot of people from the party scene will be gathered.

Here a link to get the tickets and an idea of the outfits if you can not imagine one + some pretty guests. La Gran Finale         FB_IMG_1537981514607  


22-09-2018: Elfia on Saturday was great, the best day to go because the weather was horrible. We enjoyed talking and taking pictures. You can find them on my Instagram and my Facebook. I will post them here 2. This was my outfit and make-up made by myself. I hope you like it xoxo


30-08-2018: M’era Luna was great and my 4 days in Germany enjoyable. You can see some pics here from us having some fun. Xoxo I hope you like it.


05-08-2018: Gaypride was amazing, I’m glad to be part of it each year and to show my support 2 the GLBT + rights doing our PHOTO4FREEDOM action. Xoxo have a nice evening. If you want 2 see the pictures from it you can follow the link: PHOTO4FREEDOM Gaypride

08-07-2018: I have uploaded 3 new video’s on YouTube. You can see them there, my news and I will post them 2 on my video menu.

Running Faster

Me defiendo bien

Feeling yours, a collaboration with a duo living in The Netherlands, 2MenTall. David Kox and Miguelito

11-06-2018: You can already see some of the pictures from my last photoshoots, go to the pictures menu. I will keep posting more as I have them ready. Thanks so much for visiting my website.

24-05-2018: I have been busy with 3 photoshoots. First I planned 2 but I got a new idea when I saw the many accessoires, clothes and make-up  I took 2 the location. Here some making of pictures and videos. I hope you like it xoxo


05-05-2018: 5 may it is Liberation Day in The Netherlands. Do you love freedom, festivals and wish to work on your inner freedom as well? Then come and meditate with Jeroen at 14:00 on the Dutch Liberation Day. I will be taking pictures! This MEDITATE4FREEDOM is a co-production of Iam4Freedom – All4Freedom – Freedom4All, Vrijland Festival and Moderne HippiesVrijland festival, and it will be held by Jeroen Aalders, one of the 2 initiators of ALL4FREEDOM. Be there, Be Zen! For tickets 2 the festival, check their website:



27-04-2018: Kingsday was a blast, like almost every year I’m part of the DASBOAT, organised by the owner of LLoyd-Acardi. We always have loud music, good vibes and good people on board. See here for an impression:


23-04-2018:  April 23 was my B-day and I went to Utrecht. I had a great day and it was fun to make some pics in a multicolor tunnel with an underground, fluo- psychedelic style. I knew this tunnel from the time I went 2 Utrecht to some parties when I came live in The Netherlands.

16-03-2018: I uploaded on YouTube one of my tracks from my Magical Instrumental I, Digital EP, expected to be released in 2019, see below and/or go 2 the video menu. This was inspired by my trip to Nepal years ago, this version is specially dedicated to Sanjay, a beautiful extravagant/night butterfly who died 2 years ago. I decided to make some musical arrangements to the original version. I ended having 4 versions from the first composition. I hope you like it xoxo


6-03-2018: The past Sunday I made a new photoshoot, the ice landscapes and different places were nice for it. I thought about trying an eskimo-inuit-viking style. Here some pics from the making of. I hope you like it. I will post some pics here and on my different social media profiles. Xoxo



25-02-2018: I’m finish editing the video for my track “Calling my name” appearing in my upcoming digital EP this year. I hope you like it, it’s probably one of the most chill, ambient, ethereal songs I have created, but jeps! inspiration is always surprising. Where can you find it? On my youtube channel and here going 2 the video menu. Please give it a like and views on my YouTube channel. Much appreciated.


14-02-2018: Happy Valentine’s day everyone.



I got this precious. I’m so happy about it!            


09-01-2018: It feels good to say 2018. Anyway I hope you are all having a good start of the year. I had a good time during the NYE King of the gypsies costume party. You can see the pictures online and a funny moment behind the scenes below.

31-12-2017: Happy New Year my lovelies and make the best of it, enjoy whatever you do and don’t drink to much as I’m probably going 2 do. See my picture below I’m already diving inside the glass, I’m just joking! Usually I can’t drink 2 much because I get wasted ;-) and because my illness. I will see how far I can go.


24-12-2017: Merry Christmas everyone, enjoy it whatever you do!


15-12-2017: I have the picture of the kokoshnik my mother made for me years ago. I’m so happy I have it with me now, it is colourful, this means I’m g0ing to match the makeup with it. I hope you like it lovelies xoxo



13-12-2017: I’m back from one week in Barcelona. Now I need to prepare my costume for NYE, with the theme ‘King of the gypsies’ I took a nice headpiece my mother made for me when I was 16 years old, it’s a very beautiful kind of kokoshnik-tiara and I will be using it for NYE. I will post a picture when I have the time to make one.



25-11-2017: I’m back from 3 days in Ibiza. I had some appointments there to check bars, restaurants and night clubs to play live. I’m almost finished mixing my ‘We are all clowns’ Digital Ep. Every time I start listening to the songs and making a selection I get stuck in the middle and I never end what I’m suppose to finish. I’m not really good in mastering but I think I’m going to publish the tracks soon and leave it as they are, otherwise I will never be satisfied. By the way I have been since 2013 creating the compositions and mixing the tracks for both new Ep’s,  I’m still busy with the second one, ‘Magical Instrumental I’ To give you an impression of one of my tracks it can be considered as finished, listen to the track ‘The right to be yourself!’ I did uploaded yesterday on Soundcloud and I thought it would be nice to share it with you. Have a nice Saturday lovelies, I keep you informed.

13-11-2017: NYE theme party is coming! The theme is already revealed ‘King of the Gypsies’. It is an easy theme, normally I need a lot of time to make or to think about what I want as my outfit. For this one I have already 80% of the outfit, I’m lucky this time! You can see some ideas and pictures from the organisation LLOYD-ACARDI from who I’m one of the promotors, night butterfly, artist and part of the creative minds team for almost 7 years now. Enjoy the view and click on the first picture for a link to the Facebook page. Xoxo have a great day!



4-11-2017: Sprookjes Cafe was a blast, really a magic atmosphere and fantastic performing arts in every room you moved in. You can see an impression here. Once again I enjoyed being part of it. Soon I will upload the pictures, you can see already some if you move to the performances menu.




21-10-2017: I’m back from Ibiza, where I did my unconventional dark mermaid princess photoshoot. You can see some of the pictures if you click on the pictures menu. I hope you like it. I did a short preview video for my song ‘CALLING MY NAME’ soon you will find it  in all the online stores, it is a track appearing on my new upcoming Digital Ep.

Dark Mermaid Princess
Dark Mermaid Princess



19-09-2017: I’m busy editing a video for my track ‘Running faster” this song was released in 2013 as one of the tracks from my Digital EP ‘EGO GOES EGO’. You can see one minute from it on my Youtube and if you go 2 the videos menu here on my website.  I will post the complete video as well when I’m done. I hope you like it xoxo

6-09-2017: I got an answer from Instagram, saying I need to send a picture holding a clean sheet of paper with my face and my hand visible and a code written by hand on that sheet of paper. Maybe there is some hope to recover the account!. I did sent the picture today at 16:30. It is solved I’m back on IG again, lucky me.



For some unknown reason my Instagram account was deleted or deactivated after a popup window appeared 2 days ago asking to verify my telephone number (don’t do it, otherwise you will be hacked or deactivated) and after receiving an sms with a code, apparently coming from Facebook. One day later after introducing the code, I got another popup window where I needed to insert my password otherwise I couldn’t see my IG account, I did it twice because it didn’t worked, that was the moment where a message popup appeared saying I was violating their policy. I could sent my username after saying I didn’t find it right, but I’m still waiting for an answer. I don’t even see my account, I’m afraid it’s been deleted, maybe it’s been hacked whit this verification code, I have heard from some other IG users that there was a bug and that the accounts are only deactivated, now it is up to them and their friendly

help-desk, where you can’t even mail or call someone (who is violating the rights of who). Wherever it is, it sucks!. I have been almost 2 years working hard to get my followers in an honest manner, I didn’t used an app to increase my followers, I invested hours commenting, liking others profiles, following other profiles,  etc. If you were one of my followers, you know that. Really this confirms what I already knew, after of seeing a lot op people experiencing the same thing on IG lately. Instagram and Facebook they control your profiles and it doesn’t matter if you are honest or not, they will do whatever they want with your profile, using the excuse that you are violating their policy. So take care about your profile, because you could be next. And be careful with your competitors and with your followers, because maybe in there you have followers who they’re reporting you or blocking you, a nice way to kill your profile! I will let you know if/when I’m back and I hope you follow me back again. The irritating part is that I can’t see who were following me, I can remember like probably 200 but not all the almost 4000 I had ;-(

Xoxo and my question is: to be or not to be on IG.

October 2017: This month I will be busy 2 creating my dark mermaid costume for my photo-shoot in Ibiza, while I will be taking some days off for vacation. Here you can see a preview from the textile and some things I’m collecting for the headpiece. Xoxo



In October 2017 I will be finishing mixing my digital Ep (We are all clowns) and preparing my acoustic repertoire for in Ibiza end September. I’m usually more active those days on Instagram than in other social media. Be sure to follow me there to see more pictures and edits.

Xoxo lovely darklings and followers.

My last photo-shoot inspired in Cruella de Vil went really well, it was a strange day, it was raining the all morning and suddenly at 14:00 the sun came up and we decided to go further with the shoot. I visited many places and mansions and lucky me when I was outside of one big and spectacular house I saw a men waking towards me, he said are you going to stay outside? or are you going to come inside? this was a mansion of a rich owner and the pictures of course resulted in a more Cruella de Vil atmosphere due to this. You can enjoy some of them going to the pictures menu, I will keep posting more as I’m finished with the edits.



Castlefest was fantastic, a beautiful place to be, nice medieval bands, shops and costumes. You can see the pictures I will be updating going 2 the pictures menu, and please scroll down to see them, thank you so much!

Elfia was a great experience, nice crowd, many photographers. I made a selection from all the best costumes. I hope you like it, you can see the pictures selecting the pictures menu. Elfia 29/30 of April. The best fantasy costumes event from Europe. I’m so glad to be part of it. I will be singing shortly one of my songs while I’m showing my costume on the parade. This was one of my dreams!



I’m making a video animation for the song “Dreaming Glass”. I started today but I was so inspired that I almost finished. You can see a screenshot and listen 2 the track. >

I update my logos, the original black and white version and another one with pink. I will be using them for my products and branding.



I did a new photoshoot 2 weeks ago when it was snowing in Amsterdam. You can see a preview, soon I will post the pictures here and on Instagram.


Some screenshots from the video “She” maybe I’m going to make some new shoots, I don’t know when I will be finish’, probably next month.

she foto2



I’m almost finish with the video clip for my song “Despierta pero dormida”. You can listen the track on soundcloud. Some screenshoots: despierta pero dormida


I’m back from Barcelona. I did the recording for my next acoustic video for the song “She”.  


I’m creating my own quotes. You can see them on the menu quotes.


31-12-2016: New Year Eve Freak- Show was fantastic and a blast. Glad I can be part of this exclusive party every year!


This is the last track I made for my upcoming album: We Are All Clowns!.

Soon you will find the Album in all the online stores & Spotify.


I’m happy to announce my second collaboration with the duo from Denmark Share A Cherry. Take a listen!

8-04-2016: Come tomorrow to my party and support the cause . Come DANCE4FREEDOM 4FREE Only donation at the door I will be there from 01:55-02:05 Be there! flyer met 4free


I’m busy with the track for the next DANCE4FREEDOM edition, just the vocals and arrangements, but first I need to learn the new Logic Pro x, quite irritating, but I’m half the way. Here you can hear a short impression of the instrumental version.  

25-03-2016: This is a collaboration I made with a duo from Denmark, Share A Cherry. I’m really glad we worked together on this song ” I’m in the spotlight baby ” and are working on other tracks. We found each other in the styles varying from synthpop, industrial, dance, electronic and many more. This is the reason we teamed up! Listen 2 the track here:

Soon we are going to launch the events of the modern human rights organization Project Aware, feel free to like our Facebook Page. The event is about sending out a signal of freedom and the right to be yourself! Thank you so much in advance and pay/share it forward!



02-02-2016: It takes some time 2 finish my Digital EP’s. You will hear it when I’m done! Magical Intrumental 1


 You can listen Paranoico and Where we all go-I? @Soundcloud.

In 2021 @Spotify and all the online stores. Patience xx



We are all clowns

At the same time I’m finishing mixing my Digital Ep: We are all clowns!