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2020/2021:  Due to the coronavirus all the collaborations with IAM4FREEDOM and some festivals (Koningsdag 27 of april, Liberation day 5 may, Pride festival from 31 July till 8 August) are cancelled.

Also other festivals where I was going, like WGT (May 29 – Jun 1, 2020) in Germany are also cancelled. They say everything until august, but I’m afraid that this will last the all year, as people are already afraid that ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event, 21-25 October) is going 2b cancelled as well.

Events are still cancelled due to covid-19. The question is until when? They are saying until Summer 2021 and when everyone is vaccinated ;-( to get access indoors and outdoors. I find this very incredible as I believe you should be free in your choice and sure not mandatory!

Have patience, keep safe and be strong! If you want to contact me send me a DM in Instagram or in Facebook. Please don’t keep your thoughts and fears 2 yourself, we are in times where we need to communicate with each other also if that’s mostly virtually.  You are not alone!

31-12-2019 – NYE – The Mayer Manor, Nes 118, Amsterdam – Circus Carnivale Theme Party
31-10-2019 – Private Halloween Party – The Butcher, Albert Cuypstraat 129, Amsterdam. Dresscode: Chic with a scary face ;-)
ADEV/ADE (Amsterdam danst ergens voor) / PHOTO4FREEDOM
07-09-2019 – 
Valtifest – Theme: Plastic Fantastic
Gaypride – Amsterdam
Amsterdam walk pride
07th June until 10th June 2019: 
Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig/Germany
13-04-2019: Elfia on Saturday ;-)
Bevrijdingsdag/Liberation day – MEDITATION4FREEDOM session from Jeroen for IAM4FREEDOM.
31-12-2018: NYE – 
Le Secrets de Versailles at Nes 116.Private party with costumes
Feast of the Beast Halloween at TENCLUBNes 116 Amsterdam.